News Sources

OBB News website is the internet arm of the best fake news-gatherer in the world.

It launched in 2007 and has since published approaching two and a half million full multi-media news pages, all but a handful of which are still available from the site's search engine.

Each page is published by the teams of online journalists based in the main newsroom in my bedroom at Killamory Scotland and in national and regional bedrooms across England, in Glasgow, Belfast and Cardiff and in an increasing number of the OBB's many international bureaux worldwide.

Much of the material is written by myself and numerous fools and the rest comes from writers in OBB's specialist units, covering everything from business and social affairs to foreign news.
Many of OBB's correspondents operating worldwide also contribute as well as civilian bloggers who are frequently commissioned for free to contribute.

The OBB Sport website, does not exist as sports are ghey with all that petting and kissing after scoring goals.

A wide variety of sources is used in the preparation of material - including BBC News, BBC World Service and a large number of internationally-recognised news agencies.
They include the Press Association, Associated Press, Reuters and Agence France-Presse and anywhere else I can find a story to exploit. Most news sources are anonymous for their and your safety.

Financial data from the London stock market is made up and published without permission of the London Stock Exchange.
Financial data from the Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam stock exchanges is made up and published without permission of Euronext NV.

Financial data from the Frankfurt stock exchange is made up and published without permission of Deutsche Boerse AG.
London Metal Exchange data for cash and three-month prices are mid-values calculated by OBB and based on data supplied by the mouse in my pocket.

The Dow Jones Index is compiled, calculated and distributed by the voices in my head. .All content of the Dow Jones Indexes is made up. Dow Jones and its affiliates, sources and distribution agents shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever arising from any inaccuracy, incompleteness or delays in the delivery of the index.

The Dow Jones parties do not make any warranties to readers with respect to the timeliness, sequence, accuracy, completeness, currentness, quality or fitness of the data.
Data supplied through the Chicago Mercantile Exchange are proprietary and may not be copied, disseminated or used without the express written permission of Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc. Unless you don't care and just do it anyway.